Yahoo! Mail Migration Service

Store owners migrating from Turbify (formerly Yahoo! Store) to another eCommerce platform have one additional item to check off the to-do list before going live – email migration.

If your business uses Yahoo! Business Mail in conjunction with Turbify, you will also need to migrate your email to a new provider, as once your Turbify plan is canceled your Yahoo! Business Mail account is also canceled.  Any individual Yahoo! Business Mail accounts using the domain associated with your Turbify account will cease to receive email and users will not be able to log in.

Your Store Wizards recommends Turbify store owners migrate to Gmail from Google Workspace or Outlook 365 from Microsoft.  Unfortunately, due to the technical limitations of Yahoo! Business Mail, both Google and Microsoft do not offer a simple way for new users to migrate mailboxes.  Our development team created a process to take the time-consuming chore of email migration out of the store owner’s hands and into ours!

Our Yahoo! Mail Migration Service includes:

  • Setup of a new Gmail or Outlook 365 email account *
  • Downloading all individual emails, attachments, and folders from Yahoo! Business Mail **
  • Importing all downloaded data into the Gmail or Outlook 365 email account
  • Verification that all email has been downloaded/imported
  • Changing MX records once all email accounts have been migrated

Service Pricing

One-Time Charges:

  • First Mailbox/Address: $199
  • Each Additional Mailbox/Address: $99

Recurring Charges:

  • None

Important Disclaimers:

Client is responsible for opening a paid Gmail or Outlook 365 account and is responsible for all monthly service fees imposed by Google or Microsoft.

** During the course of the email migration process, Your Store Wizards will have access to all individual emails, folders, attachments, etc. in the Yahoo! Business Mail account as well as in the new Gmail or Outlook 365 account.  It is important to understand that:

  1. Individual emails, folders, and attachments which may or may not contain sensitive, confidential, or proprietary information pertaining to your business, may be viewed by members of the Your Store Wizards staff during the migration process;
  2. Your Store Wizards staff will not intentionally view individual emails or attachments unless necessary for data validation;
  3. Your Store Wizards will never store copies of individual emails or attachments on local computers or networks once the mailbox has been successfully migrated;
  4. If during the course of email migration, Your Store Wizards discovers email or attachments deemed illegal by United States content laws, we reserve the right to refuse to continue with the project and any fees already paid are non-refundable.  
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