Don’t let out-of-stock items cost you a sale, capture them with Back In Stock Wizard!

Back In Stock Wizard

Stockouts, or out-of-stock items, cost online merchants millions of dollars in lost revenue each year, but there is a way to reduce that loss and keep your shoppers coming back.  

Back In Stock Wizard monitors your store’s inventory in real-time and places an email collection form on the item page when an item is out of stock.  Shoppers can enter their email address to be notified when the item is once again available for purchase.  

We’ve designed the email notification to be eye-catching and mobile-friendly with links to view more information or add the item right to the cart to make purchasing quick and easy.  You can even choose to show current inventory levels to instill a sense of urgency.

Real-Time Inventory Monitoring
Unlike other apps that may poll your inventory one time or a few times a day, Back In Stock Wizard uses real-time inventory so email collection forms are turned on immediately when an item is out of stock and notifications are sent immediately when inventory is replenished.  Whether you use real-time inventory or not Back In Stock Wizard works! 

Customizable Subscription Form & Notifications

  • Subscription Form: Back In Stock Wizard’s email collection form can be customized to match the look and feel of your store by choosing colors and fonts to match your design, or choosing a custom graphic to be displayed in lieu of text!  You can even use custom CSS to customize the look of your subscription form even more.
  • Email Notifications: Our design team worked to create an elegant, mobile-friendly email layout to fit the need of all store owners.  Add your personal touch with the ability to display the item price, current stock level, custom text, and more in addition to default information.  Plus, customers can click a link in each email to see a list of all products they are subscribed to and can choose to delete ones they no longer want to be notified about.

Intuitive and Streamlined Dashboard
We designed the app dashboard based on feedback from store owners.  Rather than bog you down with information that you’ll never use, our simplified dashboard provides you only with the stats you need such as:

  • Number of in-stock notification subscribers
  • Number of products shoppers are subscribed to
  • Number of notifications sent
  • Number of expiring and inactive subscriptions
  • List of the most recent subscriptions and most popular out-of-stock products

Plus, we’ve incorporated product and subscriber search and filtering for easy record lookup!

Affordable and Feature Packed
Back In Stock Wizard is not only one of the most affordable in-stock notification apps available, it’s also packed with all the features above, plus even more including:

  • Option to set a percentage of in-stock notifications to send based on inventory quantity. 
  • Ability to send in-stock notifications from to increase deliverability simply by adding two TXT records to your store’s DNS.
  • Subscriber and product reports for visibility into what customers are subscribed to and what out-of-stock products are popular.
  • Exportable subscription data for offline use.
  • Email tracking via URL tagging.

Plus, Back In Stock Wizard is built and supported by Your Store Wizards – a BigCommerce Elite Developer Partner with 25 years of experience building eCommerce stores and providing custom programming solutions for our clients.  Like all our apps, we provide free technical support and onboarding assistance.

We Make it Easy to Switch!
If you’re currently using another in-stock notification app, it’s easy to move to Back In Stock Wizard as long as you can export the following fields:

  • Product ID and/or Product SKU
  • Variant ID and/or Variant SKU
  • Subscriber Email Address
  • Subscription Signup Date

Simply use our import tool to import your data and you’ll be up and running in just minutes! 

Plus, we offer free onboarding assistance to help you switch, just say the word and we’ll do the work for you at no additional charge.

But That’s Not All!

Back In Stock Wizard is loaded with features.  For a complete list of all the app’s features, click here.


  • Platforms: BigCommerce (not compatible with v2 Product Experience)
  • Self Installable? Yes
  • Installation Fee: $0
  • Monthly Service Fee: $16 with a 14-day free trial!

Support & Usage Videos

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