BigCommerce v2 to v3 Product Experience Migration

The BigCommerce product experience underwent an upgrade in 2019 to better cater to the growing needs of eCommerce store owners. This upgrade included the addition of various features such as omnichannel sales, API accessibility, SKU-level attributes, improved options, and variants management.   While most stores are currently using the current version, v3, there are stores still on the legacy product experience, v2.  BigCommerce is encouraging store owners on legacy products to upgrade to the latest version, v3.

Upgrading from v2 to v3 in BigCommerce can be a complicated process, which many store owners prefer not to handle themselves. This is because all items that have options, modifiers, and rules are affected by the migration process, requiring the removal of v2 attributes and replacing them with the v3 version. Not only is this time-consuming, but it can also be overwhelming.

Fortunately, Your Store Wizards has extensive experience in managing and migrating BigCommerce data and has developed a 10-step process to simplify the v2 to v3 migration for store owners. By choosing our service, you can upgrade your store to the latest BigCommerce product experience with ease and receive white-glove service throughout the entire process.

Unlike using an app to complete the upgrade, we manually review, test, and quality check your product data to ensure a successful migration. Although this is a more labor-intensive process, it guarantees that all your items will have valid options, modifiers, and rules correctly applied post-upgrade.

Our 10-Step v2 to v3 Process:

  1. Store owner provides us with store access and API Tokens.
  2. We review your current data and look for any anomalies or issues, or things that may be unsupported.
  3. After all issues have been reviewed and resolved, we will work with you to set a day and time for the migration.
  4. A few hours before the scheduled product change cut-off time we will download all products from your store into our database and staging site. We will then run some final tests to make sure we’re prepared and ready to begin!
  5. When it’s time to close off the store to visitors, we will post a message about the store being down for maintenance with an expected re-open time, which is based on our estimates as to how long the entire process will take.
  6. Once closed we will begin removing all options, modifiers, and rules from your existing items.  Don’t worry, we leave the items in place so no product IDs change!  At this time, if you have inventory in BigCommerce set at a variant level, we back that information up.
  7. After all options, modifiers, and rules are removed, we will begin the process to upgrade to the v3 product experience.
  8. Once complete, we then inject options and modifiers to your products.  Existing rules will be converted, as needed, to modify the appropriate variants.  Your options will be split to options or modifiers depending on if they create variants.  For example, text boxes will convert to a modifier where drop downs and swatch options stay as options.
  9. Once all options, modifiers, and rules have been injected, we run a validation check to see if there are any issues or errors that need to be resolved, then make adjustments where needed.
  10. Your store is made live and you’re upgraded to the v3 product experience!

Service Notes:

This service is priced based on the number of SKUs in your store which includes variant SKUs.  To determine the number of SKUs, perform a product export by going to Products > Export. Use the default Bulk Edit Built-in Template and export your products to a .csv file.  Once the file has been downloaded, open it and sort the sheet by Product Code/SKU. Find the last SKU in the column and the line number will correspond with how many SKUs are in your store.

Service Pricing

One-Time Charges:

  • Up to 2,500 SKUs: $999
  • Up to 5,000 SKUs: $1999
  • Up to 30,000 SKUs: $3999
  • Up to 50,000 SKUs: $5999
  • 50,000+ SKUs: Contact Us

* See service notes for details on how to determine the number of SKUs in your store.

Recurring Charges:

  • None

Case Study: LA Police Gear

Before engaging Your Store Wizards, LA Police Gear considered using an app and the app developer’s add-on option for additional migration support. While the app offered a solution to migrate using a combination of automation and additional fee hands-on support, the client was seeking a more white-glove solution.  Learn more by downloading our case study.

We Recommend

Having site backups is important, not just for the BigCommerce v2 to v3 upgrade, but for peace of mind. If you don’t already have the Rewind Site Backup app for your store, we highly recommend you install the app and purchase one of their affordable store backup plans. This not only adds an extra layer of protection during this process but in the future as well.

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