Cookie Alert

Provide site visitors with notification that cookies are in use on your BigCommerce store and still maintain tracking for analytics purposes.  

Our simple Cookie Alert provides straightforward messaging which links to your site’s privacy policy along with a button to close the pop-up window.  Once they close the window, a cookie is set to not display the notice again for six months.  

Cookie Alert is designed for store owners who want to provide some type of notice to visitors, but aren’t required to comply with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This feature does not allow the visitor to decline a cookie request, but simply provides notice.  

Settings for placement, text, and color scheme are managed through your BigCommerce control panel and can be found in your store’s theme.

Cookie Alert is not included in migration or custom design packages and is available as an add-on for new or existing stores.  May not be compatible with 3rd party themes.  


  • Platforms: BigCommerce
  • Self Installable? No
  • Installation Fee: $79
  • Monthly Service Fee: $0
  • Compatible With: Desktop & Mobile

To view a demo of this feature, click here.

Disclaimer:  If you do business outside the United States and believe you are required to comply with GDPR, we recommend you consult with an expert in this field for guidance on how to handle your particular situation.  Cookie Alert is not intended to be a GDPR compliant solution as it does not allow the user to opt-out of cookie tracking.