CopCat Category Duplicator

CopyCat Category Duplicator for BigCommerce will change the way you merchandise your products!  Have you ever wanted to “copy and paste” a product sub-category to another parent but discovered it’s not possible within BigCommerce?

If so, CopyCat to the rescue.

Here’s how CopyCat works.  Underneath your parent category called “Men’s Shoes” you have a sub-category called “Boy’s Sneakers” that you would like to also place under a parent category called “Children’s Shoes.”  Without CopyCat you would need to create an entirely new sub-category called “Boy’s Sneakers 2” and manually assign the items you want to place in it.

That’s a lot of work!  Not to mention, each time you add a new pair of boy’s sneakers to your product line, you have to add that item to TWO categories.  Over time, this is a lot to maintain and odds are you’re going to miss adding new items to multiple sub-categories.

CopyCat solves this problem by allowing you to choose a category you’d like to duplicate and it creates a brand-new one that can then be placed under a different parent.  Plus, you can choose to auto-sync the new category with the original so any time you add or delete items to the original category, your CopyCat-created sub-category will automatically synchronize.

For BigCommerce store owners, this new functionality is designed specifically to increase your product’s visibility across multiple categories.  Imagine the potential opportunities it opens to increase order value!  Plus, if you’re manually duplicating and managing sub-categories, CopyCat will pay for itself month after month.

Store owners who migrated from Turbify (formerly Yahoo! Store) will find this app extends the familiar “copy and paste” function in the Turbify Store Editor to BigCommerce.

CopyCat is a premium application currently available in the BigCommerece app store and as part of Your Store Tools, a suite of apps and tools for eCommerce store owners.

CopyCat Features:

  • Multi-Storefront compatible so categories can be copied or duplicated across multiple stores
  • Canonical links are automatically added to auto-sync CopyCat categories, if placed within the same store, to avoid duplicate content issues
  • Choose to auto-sync with the original category to create an exact duplicate that updates daily, or just copy a category and its products
  • CopyCat categories can have unique URLs, Meta (copies only), and description
  • Ability to set daily sync time


  • Platforms: BigCommerce
  • Self Installable? N/A but template modification is necessary for canonicals.
  • Installation Fee: $0
  • Monthly Service Fee: $15

* Important note: CopyCat Category Duplicator creates new product categories within your BigCommerce store and automatically adds products from the original copied category if auto-syncing is turned on.   If the CopyCat service is canceled, synching will no longer function, and copied categories will need to be manually updated moving forward.  Reinstalling CopyCat after canceling, will not resume synching on category pages previously created by CopyCat.

How to Use CopyCat with BigCommerce Multi-Storefront

How to Use CopyCat with BigCommerce Single Store

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