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If you have multiple custom fields for items in your BigCommerce store, you know that adding and populating them can be time-consuming.

Custom Field Populator from Your Store Wizards takes managing custom fields to the next level by automating the process and freeing up your time.

All your item’s custom fields can be managed through the app’s dashboard, where you can edit, delete, rename, enable or disable them.  

You can create a new or edit an existing custom field directly in the app and enter a default field value, assign it to a custom group, enable or disable it, and assign it automatically to all products in the store.

For most store owners, especially those who have migrated from other platforms such as Yahoo! Store, Custom Field Populator is a “set-it-and-forget-it” app!

Once your store is connected to Custom Field Populator, each time you create a new item and save it in your BigCommerece store, within a few minutes all your custom fields will automatically be populated with default values, or ready for you to enter specific values directly on the edit item page in the store.

With Custom Field Populator, you’ll never have to manually add custom fields to items ever again!


  • Platforms: BigCommerce
  • Self Installable? Yes
  • Installation Fee: $0
  • Monthly Service Fee:
    • $10 up to 50,000 items
    • $15 up to 100,000 items
    • $30 up to 500,000 items
    • $100 unlimited items
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