Minimum Order Enforcer

BigCommerce makes it easy for store owners to wholesale direct from their retail website.  Using the platform’s account management features, customers can be assigned to different buckets such as “Wholesale” or “B2B” within Customer Groups.

By combining Customer Groups with BigCommerce’s Price Lists you can then create different levels of wholesale pricing available only to customers who fall into a specific Customer Group.

For example, if you offer three different levels of wholesale pricing, you would create three different customer groups – Wholesale 1, Wholesale 2, and Wholesale 3.  You would then create a Price List specific to each of those groups.

When a member of a specific group logs into your store to start shopping, they will automatically see the pricing assigned to them based on their group + price list!

With standard BigCommerce functionality, your wholesale customers can place their orders with no minimum order amount.  However, we realize that many businesses require their wholesale customers to reach a certain dollar threshold in order to submit an order.

That’s where our Minimum Order Enforcer, “MOE” for short, can help!

MOE allows you to easily set a minimum order amount by customer group.  If a customer attempts to checkout with an order below the set minimum, they will receive a gentle reminder letting them know that they need to reach a minimum in order to qualify for their special pricing.

Minimum Order Enforce is not included in migration or custom design packages and is available as an add-on for new or existing stores.  May not be compatible with 3rd party themes.  


  • Platforms: BigCommerce
  • Self Installable? No
  • Installation Fee: $299.00
  • Monthly Service Fee: $0
  • Compatible With: Desktop & Mobile

Minimum Order Enforcer setup instructions can be found here.