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Your Store Wizards is the trusted developer for hundreds of eCommerce merchants of all sizes – from small family owned businesses to large major brands.  Many of our clients have started out on one eCommerce platform and years later realized they require additional functionality or have simply outgrown their current system.

When the decision is made to move from one platform to another, careful planning and attention to detail is paramount to a successful migration.  There are many different components to an online store that need to be taken into consideration such as data integrity, third-party integrations, URL structures, as well as mitigating any search engine optimization issues that may arise.

While we offer complete store migration services for clients moving to and from Yahoo! Store, Shopify, BigCommerce and others, we realize some may want to take on this task themselves.  With that in mind, we have put together a free Platform Migration Checklist that covers all the things you should plan for before, during and after moving a store.

In addition, we have a video in which our founder, Don Cole, walks you through the checklist and offers various tips and reasons why these items are important and should be part of your migration plan.

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