Turbify Emergency Data Storage

In the unlikely event your Turbify store is no longer accessible, or data was deleted unintentionally, can you recover quickly? For more store owners, the answer is no.

Unfortunately, there is no easy solution for store backup and recovery for Turbify, but Your Store Wizards can provide you with an emergency data storage solution. This option is not a complete backup of your store but can be used to quickly recover product data to get you back in business on the same platform or another.

Our Turbify Emergency Data Storage runs after each full publish of your Turbify store and backs up select critical data including:

  • If using Catalog Manager, all data in all fields;
  • If not using Catalog Manager, all data contained in your store’s objinfo file along with any additional fields you request;
  • All product image URLs (not images).

Since this is not a full store backup solution, the following is not backed up:

  • Product images (see FAQ)
  • Store design elements including RTML templates and graphics
  • Files stored in /lib or webhosting

In the event of a store failure, Your Store Wizards (not the store owner) can use the backup to restore your product data.  The backup file is accessible only to Your Store Wizards and is not available to the store owner as an export.

For more information, please refer to our list of frequently asked questions below.


  • $299 for a one-time backup per store, or
  • $79 per month per store, 6-month minimum commitment required

To order this service, please complete the form below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often will you back up my store’s data?

Data is automatically backed up each time you do a full publish.

What data are you backing up?

This service only backs up item data to quickly get your products back online quickly in either a new Turbify store or a completely new platform. If you are using Catalog Manager, all data from all fields will be backed up. If you’re not using Catalog Manager, we will pull the basic data about your items from your store’s objinfo file along with any additional fields you request us to back up.

Additionally, we will back up the URLs of your product images, not the images themselves.  As long as the image URL remains active, you can retrieve images from that URL.

What data are you not backing up?

This service is not meant to be a full backup solution for your store. It is designed to be used in the event of catastrophic data loss so you can quickly put your products into a new store and make them available for sale in a brief amount of time. We do not back up your store’s design files, RTML templates, files stored in your lib directory or webhosting, or product images.

Why can’t you back up my product images?

Product images are generally stored on a different server than your store and the chances of losing data from two different servers at the same time is very low. We back up the URLs of all product images for reference and you may use those URLs to download images individually or in bulk using a 3rd party software application.  As long as the URL remains active, you can pull the product image from that URL.

I really need my product images, can you get them backed up for me?

The backup of product images is not included in this service. Please contact us at support@yourstorewizards.com for more information and a custom quote to provide you with a one-time download of all your store’s product images.

Is there a way to back up my store’s design or RTML files?

Unfortunately, no.

I have a lot of files in my store’s lib directory, can those be backed up?

Unfortunately, no.

Can this backup be used to migrate me to a new platform?

While we offer data migration as part of our Platform Transfer Service, this data store is designed to get you back up and running on the Turbify platform. If you would like to use this data to migrate to a new platform, additional data validation, manipulation, mapping, and more is necessary, therefore it can be used as a “base,” but additional time and labor is required.

As a courtesy, those who purchase a one-time backup, or have completed the six-month commitment for the monthly plan, and would like to migrate to a new platform within six months of the first data backup, will receive a 10% discount off the cost of data migration with the purchase of our Platform Transfer Service.

Can I download a copy of the backup file?

No.  The backup of your store is saved in our data vault in a format that is not able to be exported or used outside of our proprietary systems.

Help! I need my data restored.

In the event you need your data restored, email us at support@yourstorewizards.com.

Why is there a six-month commitment for the monthly plan?

In order for us to begin collecting data from your store, we must install an RTML template, set up your data collection settings, and process/store your data on our services. In order to offer this service without an initial setup fee, there is a six-month commitment to recover all our costs associated with providing the service to you.

What if I cancel the service before my six months are up?

You will be billed in one lump sum the balance due for the remaining months.

I bought a one-time backup, but now I want to go monthly, what do I do?

You will need to purchase the monthly plan at the current rate with a minimum six-month commitment.