Turbify URL Change Service

Earlier this year, Yahoo! Store was acquired by Infinite Computer Solutions and was rebranded as Turbify.  Since then, some changes have taken place with the eCommerce platform that did not require any intervention by a store owner.  However, some work will need to be completed by the store owner or a developer.

As part of the rebranding, all calls to Yahoo-owned domains will need to be changed to Turbify URLs prior to March 1, 2023*.  Many will be done automatically by the Turbify team, however, URLs that are located within HTML and CSS will need to be changed manually.

Rest assured, Your Store Wizards is here to assist with these changes and is offering our Turbify URL Change service, which is a two-part service that includes:

  1. Your Store Wizards will install an RTML template in your Turbify store in advance of the required URL changes.  An on/off custom variable will be used to switch over to the new URLs once activated by Turbify.
  2. We will conduct an analysis of additional files, such as CSS, to determine which needs to be changed and make the appropriate adjustments.

The price for this service is $449 per store and is a one-time charge.

* The date of March 1, 2023, has been set by Turbify and is subject to change.